A list of devices using Model Aircraft Radio Control frequencies.





The 27 MHz band…

Marine and Citizens Band Radio. Speech.

Model control boats and surface vehicles.

Toys model control.

Industrial.. very little, phased out.


The 35/36/40*/72 MHz band…protected frequencies for R/C.

Model aircraft only. No other users legally allowed.

*New Zealand only. EU 40MHz is for surface models.


The 2.4 Gigahertz band… shared with other devices.

Wireless mouse keyboards.

Cordless telephones.

Baby monitors (audio).

Baby monitors (Video).

Bluetooth (short range personal area networks).

Cordless headphones.

Car alarm hand sets.

Microwave ovens (domestic).

Television video senders.

Garage door wireless type.

Radio control toys.

RF activated sulphur street lighting (phasing out).

ISM (industrial scientific medical) research projects.

WISP wireless internet service providers.

Wireless Video for security cameras.

ZigBee wireless data networks.

High speed point to point links that use propriety protocols.

Industrial Microwave:-

    Fruit driers.

    Plastics pre heaters.

    Moisture removers.

Building to Building video and speech up to 50 miles.

Radio Ham usage up to 1500Watts for carrier wave and single sideband Greater than 50 miles range.

Over Counter 2.4 Gigahertz transmitters 50 miles capable.

Police Robot surveillance vehicles. Video feedback. (bomb squad).

Military video flying surveillance drones. (30 miles+).

Flying spy cameras, domestic, video transmission. Police use.

Model aircraft (all types).

Model boats (all types) (except under water)

Model land vehicles, cars, tanks etc.




Model aircraft radio control systems use ‘Spread Spectrum’ techniques on the 2.4 Gigahertz band. The transmitter ‘scatters’ its transmission

over many of the frequency channels in a random like fashion which allows a maximum of signal to get to the receiver.

This method allows other users (fixed frequency and Spread Spectrum types) to use the band too.


Most domestic transmissions are confined to Towns and Cities and are short range devices but when considered all together, can produce

a significant amount of background interference.


Industrial, Ham Radio and video systems with up to 50 miles range are also in the cook-pot of possible future problems with the use of the 2.4 Gigahertz band for radio control models.


A ‘good’ flying site would be several miles away from Towns and Cities. Also several miles from Industrial complexes.

If you can see the stars at night from your flying site…..then you got a good site for 2.4 Gig R/C.







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