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(readily available nearly half a century ago!)


Micron electronic kits for radio control models were popular in the 1970’s and many were sold in the UK

and around the world via mail order using cheque, credit/debit card, by letter or telephone. Around twelve

people worked at Micron packing the electronic kits, servicing, and developing new products.


All kits included special tooled plastic parts (where applicable), printed circuit boards, selected electronic

components, cored solder, and large printed assembly drawings.




(LEFT) Micron’s first ‘Dual Conversion’ 35 MHz FM receiver, seven servo output, clear slide-on ABS case.

(RIGHT) The 35 MHz (FM or AM) transmitter output tester. The super-bright LED confirmed 1 mile

range if placed 10 meters away in open field conditions.



(LEFT) Early PL-7D transmitter kit, 6 part case, 2 x joysticks, AM or FM, printed circuit boards,

selected electronic components. 1 mile range and ERA type approval UK. Up to seven servo control.

(MID) Standard 35 FM MHz narrow band receiver kit with seven servo output connectors, clear case.

(RIGHT) Mini FM receiver, twin PCB with components, 7 servo plugs. Half volume of Standard Rx.



(LEFT) Electric Flight motor switch, 15 amp relay, trim-pot resistor adjusts on/off via throttle joystick.

(MID) Three pole flight motor 540 size with suppression components, damping diode and folding prop.

(RIGHT) Electric flight speed controller, multi power-fet output, up to 30 amps. (inc flylead to receiver}.



(LEFT) Late 1970’s new 468 Tx, electronic trims, coder option for 4, 6, or 8, servo operation.

(MID) UK Type Approved 35 MHz transmit section. Many sold to DIY hobbyists early 1970’s

For converting 27 MHz AM transmitters to the new FM band using Micron receivers.

(RIGHT) A 1 amp constant current fast boost charger for transmitter or receiver batteries.

Fly-leads/plugs included, (no automatic cut-off!).


SERVO KITS Micron’s largest selling item, plastic gear, metal gear, 200/month

Includes the original ‘self centring’ servo (with loss of signal). (no pictures).

DEAC BATTERY 4.8 volt 600 mah rechargeable, 100/month (no picture).

SERVO TESTER kit inc ABS case and control knob. (no picture).

V-TAIL MIXER kit for plug-in to transmitter (no picture).

PEAK-DETECT battery charger kit for Tx and Rx (no picture).



(LEFT) Micron Radio Kits at a Kempton Park model aircraft expo early 1970’s. The Demo model

(top left of picture) flew there towing a large banner with MICRON printed on.

(RIGHT) Boss of Micron talking to veteran R/C electronics author Howard Boys at Sywell Airport.


(Note that there were several radio control electronic kit manufacturers in the UK during the 1970)

Memories of times gone by when many model aircraft fliers

built their own R/C gear!